Warning: don't even consider persuasive marketing unless your goal is to motivate your prospects to act!

Grant Pasay

Grant Pasay

Since you're reading this, I'm guessing you're not like most business owners who simply don't "get" persuasive marketing...or as it's sometimes known, direct response marketing.

Good for you! (And too bad for them!)

All that matters is that YOU "get it" -- or at least that you WANT to get:

  • headlines that grab your audience with a Kung Fu grip
  • copy that flares up your prospects' desires
  • offers they simply can't refuse to let slip away

That's right, you want to pile it on:

  • benefits that promise to scratch your prospects' itch (emotional & logical)
  • guarantees that eliminate their risk
  • deadlines that drive them to act...NOW!

...and all the other proven strategies that have made persuasive marketing the juggernaut of the advertising world...

...assuming, that is, that your goal IS NOT to make pretty or clever ads that win awards or just entertain people.

That's right, I'm fully assuming YOUR goal is to sell stuff to customers.

Or to get new customers.

Or to sell more to old customers.

Or to get customers to refer new customers.

Or something...anything...that requires others to ACT!

Because that's what direct marketing is all about -- getting your target to RESPOND.




To WHATEVER IT IS that will move the needle for your business.

And speaking of acting, before you can get persuasive marketing moving the needle for your business, the first person that has to act is YOU!

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For all your persuasive marketing copywriter needs:

call Grant Pasay today at +1-778-223-3105 or email copy@grantpasay.com

I've written persuasive marketing for happy clients across 30+ markets:

Audio Production Retail; Branding; Business Consulting; Chiropractic; Clothing Production; Commercial Drilling; Cryptocurrency Analytics & Security; Diabetes Prevention; Email Marketing; Executive Positioning; Events Production; Food Manufacturing; Franchise Brokerage; Grief Counselling; HVAC; Industry Standards Brokerage; Investor Relations Promotions; Labour Union; Law Firm; Learning Management Systems (LMS); Mortgage Brokerage; Music & Entertainment Production; Online Gambling; Online Retail; Online Stock Trading Brokerage; Personal Fitness Training; Physician Advisory Consultants; Real Estate; Security; Telecommunications; Training Course Development; Web Development; Wealth & Estate Management

Here's What Those Happy Clients Say...

Petra Mayer

Petra Mayer, Business Strategy Coach, Petra Mayer Consulting

"Thanks for making writing my salesletter for my Big Leap Bootcamp product launch so easy, Grant. I knew I had too much on my plate already, and I really needed the marketing for my latest product to be top notch, so I’m grateful you came highly recommended by a trusted colleague. Right from the start, your extensive intake process confirmed I was in good hands. And the salesletter copy you developed is just what I needed. Now I can position my program in a professional yet persuasive way that feels authentic. It's a pleasure doing business with you, Grant, and I'll be sure to reach out when my next project ramps up."

Launchpad logo

Bruce Qi, Founder & CEO, Launchpad Technologies Inc.

"Our old web copy was really talking internally to ourselves, not our B2B target market. Then Grant was recommended to us, and all that changed. He quickly got up to speed, came alongside our team, and captured the voice and message we’d had in our heads but hadn’t put into words yet. Great job, Grant!"


Joe Cheng & Josh Neumann, Co-Founders StayFitAnywhere.com

"Our initial dilemma was coming up with a solution to increase sales and reach a greater number of potential customers. The material was engaging and the prompting of preparing us to get into the right mindset before reading the material was very helpful. We're excited to implement this to increase sales for our business."

Allison Bran

Allison Bran, Brand Consultant & Creative Director, Rex Image

"Grant immediately understood what the project required. And then he not only nailed it, but also made insightful suggestions that boosted the overall value of the piece."

Anne C. Graham

Anne C. Graham Author of "Profit In Plain Sight" and Founder of The Legendary Value Institute

"OMG. Brilliant!!! Thank you Grant, you far exceeded my expectations! Amazing what small tweaks can do. I have implemented every single one of your suggestions. There’s still a lot of copywriting in my future… would love the opportunity to work together if it makes sense to do so. Thank you so very, very much – it’s appreciated!"

Tamara Brooks

Tamara Brooks, Owner, October 17 Media

"Grant is an exceptional individual. I love his quality of work, his smile, his ethics and his personality. Honestly, I only have amazing things to say about him. If you want a copywriter who's not only good at what they do but whom you'll have a long term relationship with then you've found the right person. Two thumbs up from me!"

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson, Real Estate Party

"We've reviewed the content in depth and I gotta say, absolutely fantastic job. We think this is exactly the route we needed to take. You were able to take a complex, difficult to communicate idea and provide clear, concise and convincing content."

James Stafford, Managing Director, Oilprice.com

"There are two types of consultants: the hired gun, and the rare one that comes alongside you like a partner. Good thing for us, Grant Pasay is the latter. He’s more than exceeded our expectations on multiple occasions."

Diana Taylor Markowitz

Diana Taylor Markowitz, Client Marketing Manager, PrecisionIR

"I can’t thank you enough for working so collaboratively with us on our client newsletters and for always delivering above expectation and on-time, every time. Again, thank you for the opportunity to learn from you – it’s truly been a pleasure."

Now It's Time For You To Join Those Happy Clients...

For all your persuasive marketing copywriter needs:

call Grant Pasay today at +1-778-223-3105 or email copy@grantpasay.com