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Ron Loewen

Ron Loewen, President, Venture Capital IQ Investments Inc.

"Everyone on my team loves the work you've done."

How do you tell your company's unfolding story?

You don't. You get an expert to do it for you. (Besides, you already have enough to do.)

That's why you need to trust your message to an experienced copywriter.

Grant Pasay

Grant Pasay
Corporate Copywriter

I've been writing for public & private companies for 20+ years across 60+ markets:

Audio Production Retail; Augmented Reality; Biofuel Production; Blueberry Farming; Board of Education; Boating & Yachting; Branding; Business Consulting; Cannabis; Chiropractic; Clothing Production; Coal; Coalbed Methane; Cobalt; Commercial Drilling; Construction; Copper; Cryptocurrency Analytics & Security; Diabetes Prevention; Diamonds; e-Gaming/e-Sports; Email Marketing; Executive Positioning; Events Production; Executive Placement Service; Food Manufacturing; Franchise Brokerage; Graphic Design; Grief Counselling; Gold; HVAC; Industry Standards Brokerage; Iron Ore; Labour Union; Language Translation; Law Firm; Learning Management Systems (LMS); Maritime Rescue; Metaverse; Lithium; Logistics; Marketing Training; Model Agency; Mortgage Brokerage; Music & Entertainment Production; Natural Gas; Oil; Online Gambling; Online Retail; Online Stock Trading Brokerage; Personal Fitness Training; Physician Advisory Consultants; Rare Earths; Real Estate; Security; Silver; Talent Agency; Telecommunications; Telehealth; Titanium Dioxide; Training Course Development; Uranium; Vanadium; Video Production; Virtual Reality; Warehousing; Web Development; Wealth & Estate Management

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Why I Can Help

I take pride in a job well done and in making my clients' lives easier...

...whether collaborating with startups or large organizations like, Qtrade, IHS or the University of British Columbia.

See the Kind of Good Copywriting You Can Have For Yourself

Here's a selection of work my clients have enjoyed...

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What My Clients Say

Ron Loewen

Ron Loewen, President, Venture Capital IQ Investments Inc.

"Everyone on my team loves the work you've done."

Jeffrey Stanger headshot

Jeffrey Stanger, Co-Founder & President, ITB Solutions Incorporated

"It's a real pleasure working with Grant. You don't have to hold his hand, and he just keeps delivering solid investor content, project after project. He definitely makes my role easier heading up a Going Public Management Consultancy."

Rebecca Kerswell headshot

Rebecca Kerswell, Founder & CEO, SmallCap Communications Inc.

"Thank you for your amazing work, Grant. You definitely have the gift for writing and creating investor-focused content that grabs attention and tells the company’s story in a clear and compelling way. Great to be working together."

Anthony Zelen headshot

Anthony Zelen, Strategic Advisor, Senergy Communications Capital

"I’ve known and worked with Grant for 15 years on various projects in a number of industries and sectors. From resources to technology and from crypto to consumer package products. He has worked on developing copy and content for both public and private situations. He’s super easy to work with and very versatile and does a great job no matter what project. I have recommended Grant to a number of contacts in the past and would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone in the future. If you are looking for a standout copywriter or even someone to give some direction for your public company materials, I think Grant is a key part of your team."

Frank Ingriselli headshot

Frank Ingriselli, Former President of Texaco International Operations

"I’ve been fortunate to have Grant Pasay work on pitch decks, websites and videos for companies in Oil & Gas and healthcare. He always captures the company story in a solid and impactful way. We can also rely on him for our ongoing edits as those stories evolve."

K2 Capital logo

Kelvin Lee, Director of Finance, K2 Capital

"Grant, it’s great having you work on news releases for our clients and partners. It really makes the whole process so much easier for us knowing you can run with the content while keeping it in each company’s voice. Nicely done, Grant."

Bill Radvak

Bill Radvak, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, NervGen Pharma Corp.

"Grant has worked on pretty much all our content: deck, website, videos, ads, news releases. Every time he surprises us with the quality of the improvements he makes and takes our company story up a notch each time. Extremely prompt and thorough. Highly recommended."

Peter Wilken headshot

Peter Wilken, Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker

"Grant is simply a terrific copywriter. He’s particularly good at understanding complex issues and technical detail and ordering long copy assignments in a structured way that is easy to follow and yet still engaging. Grant is a total professional, with a good listening ear who holds himself accountable for delivering a top class service. 100% happy to recommend him."

Diana Taylor Markowitz

Diana Taylor Markowitz, Client Marketing Manager, PrecisionIR

"I can’t thank you enough for working so collaboratively with us on our client newsletters and for always delivering above expectation and on-time, every time. Again, thank you for the opportunity to learn from you – it’s truly been a pleasure."

Lance Morginn

Lance Morginn, CCI, CBP, President, Blockchain Intelligence Group

"When working with Grant, he assisted us with writing our press releases, quotes, online marketing, was the bridge between our company and the marketing company we hired, our website development team and more. He was always on time, detailed, and very well organized. Highly Recommend!"

Launchpad logo

Bruce Qi, Founder & CEO, Launchpad Technologies Inc.

"Our old web copy was really talking internally to ourselves, not our B2B target market. Then Grant was recommended to us, and all that changed. He quickly got up to speed, came alongside our team, and captured the voice and message we’d had in our heads but hadn’t put into words yet. Great job, Grant!"

James Stafford

James Stafford, Managing Director,

"There are two types of consultants: the hired gun, and the rare one that comes alongside you like a partner. Good thing for us, Grant Pasay is the latter. He’s more than exceeded our expectations on multiple occasions."

Allison Bran

Allison Bran, Brand Consultant & Creative Director, Rex Image

"Grant immediately understood what the project required. And then he not only nailed it, but also made insightful suggestions that boosted the overall value of the piece."

Sharon Habib

Sharon Habib, OutsideIn Communications Partner and Brand and Communications Strategist

"I recall coming across Grant's website when I was looking for a copywriter who met the very specific criteria of being able to write corporate materials with personality and heart. It was tough to find -- most writing sounds like it was done by Dilbert. Grant has the rare ability to identify the voice and heart of the speaker and write from that place. He also has an immensely creative mind and a wonderful ability to connect with people. Besides, he's very professional, organized and methodical. A real treat to work with and highly recommended."

Tamara Brooks

Tamara Brooks, Owner, October 17 Media

"Grant is an exceptional individual. I love his quality of work, his smile, his ethics and his personality. Honestly, I only have amazing things to say about him. If you want a copywriter who's not only good at what they do but whom you'll have a long term relationship with then you've found the right person. Two thumbs up from me!"

For all your corporate copywriting needs:

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Jampact Business Solutions Inc. – Co-founder [1999 - present]
Providing copywriting and marketing strategy services for clients across 60+ markets

Investor Awareness Labs – Co-founder & Chief Marketing Strategist [2022 - present]
Helping public companies boost their market awareness and generate more investor leads

Simon Fraser University - Instructor
Delivering the Writing and Editing for the Web course in the Writing and Publishing program

University of British Columbia - Instructor
Delivering the Writing and Editing for Multimedia course in the Multimedia Studies Intensive program

Advance Corporate Training - Contract Trainer
Corporate training delivery.

Aaron Language Services - Editor
Editing clients' technical documents to native English level.


Bachelor of Education with Distinction
University of Calgary (Canada)

Bachelor of Psychology with Distinction
University of Calgary (Canada)

Linked University Certification
Training program for real-world business marketing on LinkedIn

Computer Graphics & Dynamic Media
Applied Multimedia Training Centres (Calgary, Canada)

For all your corporate copywriting needs:

call Grant Pasay today at +1-778-223-3105

or email
or message Grant Pasay on LinkedIn