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Internet Basics: Email Marketing is Like Butterfly Pheromones

By Grant Pasay

Ever notice how you usually don't see that many butterflies? And then one day you'll actually see two of them, and they're kind of, well, they're sort of, well, let's just say they're flying awfully close. So close, in fact, that there's no doubt they're mating. And you know it's a good thing when there's that much closeness going on.

But since you usually don't see butterflies that often, how is it that now there's two of them? And in the same place at the same time?

The answer is pheromones.

Pheromones are chemicals that butterflies and other insects release to communicate over long distances. In the case of butterflies, they can release a pheromone to announce they're available for mating. Within a short period of time, another butterfly gets the pheromone message and suddenly, the two butterflies have hooked up. And all is good.

That's what email marketing is like.

Merchants have products or services they provide to Customers. And sometimes it might seem like there's not very many customers around, or the Merchants would simply like it if there were more customers in general.

So the Merchants decide to use email marketing. First the Merchants make it known they're going to send out emails every so often announcing special sales and communicating bits of information they know their Customers will appreciate.

The Customers are intrigued and "sign up" to receive these emails by telling the Merchant their email address. Finally, the Merchant sends out the email messages, often called e-Newsletters.

And just like with the butterflies, the messages get received -- even over long distances -- and often lead to the Customer and the Merchant hooking up again. And all is good.

And that's why email marketing is like butterfly pheromones.


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